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We connect sellers of the Rare and Remarkable with passionate buyers. RR Auction – selling, consigning collectibles and helping people share and obtain them since 1976. We have the international following to help you, too. Selling (also called consigning) with us is simple.

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Whether you have one item or an entire collection, RR Auction will help you attain top dollar when you’re ready to sell. We understand the market for your valued collectibles, and maintain a superior clientele who’ll buy it at a price you won’t get anywhere else.

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All formats of the Rare and Remarkable: autographs, historical artifacts, Sports, Hollywood, Space Exploration and more. Whether you have a signed baseball, or an iconic film prop, we’ll curate it for an auction where it will be best highlighted.

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Every month RR conducts at least two auctions, one an 800+ item Fine Autographs and Artifacts Auction, including a monthly featured section, and secondly, a specialty auction focused upon a single subject. Focused auctions include: Music, Space, and Sports.

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Remarkable Results

We’re consistently exceeding our consignors’ expectations by garnering top prices.

For over 40 years we’ve considered our relationships with our consignors a partnership. Our goal is to work together to ensure you receive remarkable results.

With at least two sales every month and a variety of different themed sales throughout the year, we have many opportunities to curate your items for the best auction.


Why RR Auction?

Exceeding expectations

Since 1976, we have been achieving record-setting prices for our consignors, shattering sales predictions time and again. With consistent customer growth and an ever-expanding global bidding base, we have the buyers for your items.

Personalized attention

From the moment you decide to send your items to the day your payment reaches you, we are here to answer your questions and guide you through the process with superlative customer service.

World-class presentation

With detailed, researched lot descriptions and professional photographs designed to highlight each piece, you can rest assured that your items will be presented in their best light.

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Upcoming Auctions

Fine Autographs and Artifacts
featuring Military

The historical value of collectibles in the genres of Military, Medal of Honor recipients, and battles from all eras cannot be overstated. Preserving documents and items from turning-point battles, wars and those who planned and executed those military maneuvers is a crucial curating endeavor.

For our next auction featuring Military, Medal of Honor recipients, we’re looking for items or entire collections to add to the event: Uniforms, rifles, revolvers, swords, sabers, scabbards, flags, documents, autographs, medals and citations, ephemera of all kinds. Also, any kind of battle-related documents, correspondences, maps – we’ve even had Robert E. Lee’s historic 1865 Farewell Address and surrender decree.

We seek items representing war heroes and military masterminds, from colonial America to current times.

Our next Military, Medal of Honor recipients auction will be March 7, 2018. Do you have items that our collectors of Military, Medal of Honor recipients, or other related memorabilia that you would like to consign? Contact us.


Tastemakers and risk takers of Pop Culture

In every lifetime, there are people or events that forever epitomize a moment in time. Whether it defines an entire decade or one poignant turning point, these emotions will be linked in our collective psyche to a specific time and place in our shared history. Our Pop Culture auction shares those people and treasured items, allowing us to relive those unforgettable moments of zeitgeist, from music, entertainment, art and current events.

The collectibles market sees pop culture as perhaps its most emotional, evocative category. Hollywood and the evolution of movies—from the golden age of sweeping epics and musicals, and into the high-tech, special effects world of today’s films—has created larger-than-life stars and devoted fans and collectors. Music leaves an indelible mark on everyone’s life; superstars like The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll and the Prince of Pop, from Billie Holiday to Madonna, from blues to punk…genres and musicians are myriad. And pop art started with the New York artists Warhol, Lichtenstein, Rosenquist, Oldenburg and Jasper Johns, and continued into modern times with Haring, Koons and more. Contact us.


Fine Autographs and Artifacts
featuring Science Fiction

RR Auction is excited to present its inaugural Science Fiction auction in April, and we’re seeking all kinds of items that span the definition of the category.

The term “Sci-Fi” encompasses a multifaceted universe – from the dystopian futures fretted over by early 20th century authors, filmmakers and television writers; to space exploration and life on other planets; to all kinds of monsters – mutated in nature or created by mad scientists.

This year also marks the 200th anniversary of the publication of Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein,” and 60 years since the breakout pulp movie, “The Amazing Colossal Man.”

Sci-fi collectibles come in a vast range of mediums – novels, comic books and trading cards, film and television props, autographs and signed ephemera of all kinds. From cast-signed items to screen-worn costumes, we’re interested in all ideas. From “Metropolis” to “Blade Runner,” from Leonard Nimoy to Captain Nemo – let us know what you have.


Space exploration
Breaking the chains of gravity

We’re in full mission mode for our next Space sale, and seeking your remarkable consignments.

A proven industry leader, the category of Space Exploration accounted for more than half of RR Auction’s Top 10 sales of 2017. At the top of the list was Buzz Aldrin’s Apollo 11 Cartier gold Lunar Module replica, garnering $149,862.

Whether you’re a private collector who’s passionate about the history of space exploration, or a history maker yourself, we’re seeking your consignments in the category. In high demand are flown items, rare autographs, original photos, models, and hardware.

Deadline for consignments is January 26, though special considerations may be made for standout pieces. Do you have artifacts you’d like to consign for the April auction – autographs, signed documents, photos, posters, clothing, equipment, ephemera – contact us.


Authors and artifacts of 

Writers who impacted generations to come

Books can take readers to places they’ve never seen, sparking the imagination and causing hope, fear, joy or somber rumination. Literature and books will be featured in our Fine Autographs and Artifacts auction in May 2018.

RR Auction has offered at auction items relating to American heavyweights like Hemingway, Melville, Poe and Thoreau; internationally renowned authors like Dickens and Orwell, Goethe and Wilde; and noted philosophic writers like Camus, Sartre and Voltaire. We have also had auction lots highlighting modern authors like J.K. Rowling, as well as many recipients of the Nobel Prize for Literature.

Our next Literature auction will be May 9, 2018. Do you have fine examples of literature and books?


Exploring the cutting edge of 

In the Science & Technology featured section of the Fine Autographs and Artifacts auction in June 2018, we’ll offer memorabilia by and about some of the greatest minds in history.

From early innovators to Nobel Prize winners, from scientists and physicists to mathematicians and physicians, we’re presenting some of the most legendary inventors and innovators in history. And of course, many of these disciplines and incredible minds collaborated to achieve man’s exciting journey into space exploration.

Our next Science & Technology auction will be June 13, 2018. Do you have items that capture the genius and innovation of man and machine?


The Greatest:
Champions of Sports

Honoring hometown heroes, elite athletes and dream teams RR Auction has its roots in selling baseball cards, beginning in Boston in 1976. Decades of auction experience later, we’re excited to introduce our dedicated high-end clientele to your Rare and Remarkable card collections and Sports memorabilia of all types.

We’re accepting all genre of sports, including baseball, basketball, hockey, football, boxing and equestrian. From gridiron greats and home run heroes, to Olympiads and All-Stars, we’re looking for the best of it all – rare cards, game-used uniforms and equipment, original photographs, and championship rings.

Our next Sports auction is slated for June 21, 2018. We’ve proven our Remarkable Results and sterling customer service in the collectibles industry; now let us prove it to you.

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RR Auction is an industry leader in Rare and Remarkable collectibles. From U.S. history, to science and technology, to the worlds of politics, sports and celebrity, we know how to bring history to life.


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