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2023 Auctions Calender

Please Note: This Auction Calendar is no longer actively maintained. Click here to view our main Auction Calendar for more accurate information. 

Each month, we conduct at least two auctions – an 800+ item Fine Autographs and Artifacts Auction, including a monthly featured section; and an additional specialty auction, focused on a single subject, person or theme.
Click the auction name to view the auction if available or to learn more.

S.No Auction Name Month Consignment Deadline Auction Begins Auction Ends
656 Fine Autograph and Artifacts Featuring Gangsters January 11/23/22 12/23/22 1/11/23
657 Olympic Memorabilia January 10/31/22 12/23/22 1/19/23
658 Fine Autograph and Artifacts Featuring Presidents February 12/21/22 1/20/23 2/8/23
683 PSA Encapsulated February 11/30/22 1/20/23 2/16/23
659 Fine Autograph and Artifacts Featuring Royalty March 1/25/23 02/17/23 3/8/23
660 Apple, Jobs, and Computer Hardware March 1/4/23 02/17/23 3/16/23
661 Fine Autograph and Artifacts Featuring Classical Music April 1/22/23 3/17/23 4/12/23
664 Space Exploration and Aviation April 1/2/23 3/17/23 4/20/23
665 Fine Autograph and Artifacts Featuring Major Figures in Science and Technology” May 03/01/23 04/21/23 5/10/23
684 Military and the Cold War May 03/01/23 04/21/23 5/18/23
668 Fine Autograph and Artifacts Featuring Animation June 04/26/23 5/19/23 6/14/23
667 Marvels of Modern Music June 04/05/23 5/19/23 6/22/23
670 Fine Autograph and Artifacts Featuring Revolutionary War July 05/24/23 6/23/23 7/12/23
671 Olympic Memorabilia July 05/03/23 6/23/23 7/20/23
672 Fine Autograph and Artifacts August 06/27/23 7/28/23 8/16/23
673 Apple, Jobs, and Computer Hardware August 06/07/23 7/21/23 8/24/23
674 Fine Autograph and Artifacts September 07/26/23 08/25/23 9/13/23
669 Remarkable Rarities September 07/05/23 08/25/23 9/23/23/
676 Fine Autograph and Artifacts October 08/29/23 9/22/23 10/11/23
677 Space Exploration and Aviation October 08/02/23 9/22/23 10/19/23
678 Fine Autograph and Artifacts Featuring JFK 60th / Presidents November 09/27/23 10/20/23 11/8/23
662 Prince November 09/06/23 10/20/23 11/16/23
680 Fine Autograph and Artifacts December 10/25/23 11/17/23 12/6/23
679 Marvels of Modern Music December 10/04/23 11/17/23 12/14/23

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    Every month RR conducts at least two auctions, one an 800+ item Fine Autographs and Artifacts Auction, including a monthly featured section, and secondly, a specialty auction focused upon a single subject. Focused auctions include: Music, Space, and Sports.

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